E.S. Curry
A Journey of the Heart

Join this imaginative father and son duo &

immerse yourself in a heartwarming story.

Do you know what a “Flying Sabuki” is?
During a week’s vacation together in the Adirondack Mountains, writer E.S. Curry discovers, through nature and his son Åsmund’s imagination, what this phenomenon is and so much more.
The Flying Sabuki opens an intimate window into the formative Kindergarten years

This uplifting testament to the joys of fatherhood is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn about the connection and bonding rituals that cement the father-son relationship—electronics and distraction-free.

E.S. Curry and his son Åsmund teach us about working together for mutual success, the Danish concept of Hygge, driving character and values through storytelling, and how being amongst nature creates an environment for connectedness. While there are scores of books for expecting fathers, The Flying Sabuki opens an intimate window into the formative Kindergarten years of a father and son relationship with a positive foundation.

The Flying Sabuki is a heartwarming tale that’s the perfect holiday or Father’s Day gift and a great book for parents looking for real-world insights on bonding with their child.

On The Flying Sabuki
It's wonderful. The writing is so warm & inviting. I really loved this story.
Wendy Lindstrom
New York Times Bestselling Author

"The concept of a Philosopher’s Camp has captured my imagination and fueled a thirst for introspective enlightenment that only unfettered time amongst the wild can manifest. The Flying Sabuki is born from our own father and son version of the Philosopher’s Camp."

Ask the Author
Some frequently asked questions from readers regarding The Flying Sabuki
Did you really write the entire book in a week?
E.S. Curry:
Yes. The first draft was written in during our trip together in the Adirondacks. Åsmund's goal was to finish his 1,200+ piece Lego pirate ship and mine was to write a book.
Is The Flying Sabuki appropriate to read with my child?
E.S. Curry
Absolutely, it's encouraged. It was written for all ages.
What was the hardest part of writing your first book?
E.S. Curry
Definitely the editing. I feel like I could write first drafts all day, but getting into how to make it better is hard. I was lucky to find two great editors to work with and couldn't have done it without them. 
What's your next book?
E.S. Curry
I've got a fiction series mapped out that puts a spin on the pandemic being the next evolution of the human species. I've also been working on a YA series that helps young people become writers. I've got some more narrative non-fiction in the pipeline as well. Sign up for the email newsletter to get the alert.
Will you make this a series?
E.S. Curry:
Åsmund and I have talked about it a little bit, but am undecided.
What is your hope for the book?
E.S. Curry
For parents to read it and jump on Airbnb or Vrbo and book a lakeside cabin somewhere deep in a forest. Then pack up a bunch of board games, notebooks, books (leave the tablets and Nintendo Switches at home), and go spend some quality quiet time together exploring your imaginations, thoughts, feelings, and re-discovering the beauty of nature.
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"Will you please leave a review? I love to hear what people think about Flying Sabuki and our book."
Åsmund Beau Curry
Son of E.S. Curry and co-protagonist in The Flying Sabuki