E.S. Curry
1975 Ericson 29 Bicentennial Edition Sailboat provides El Capitan Curry and crew adventure from the confines of modern life
es·​ca·​pade | \ˈe-skə-ˌpād \

: a usually adventurous action that runs counter to approved or conventional conduct
Tales from SV Escapade's Delivery
Escapade by the numbers

Builder: Ericson Yachts (USA)

Designed by: Bruce King

Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder

Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop

28.58 ft
22 ft
9.25 ft
407 ft
Sail Area
Year Built
4.33 ft
Lead Ballast
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The Delivery
From Michigan to Ohio
What we thought would be two days of sailing in October 2020 turned into weeks and four ports because of engine cooling issues.
Crescent Sail Yacht Club
Our journey began on Friday October 2, 2020 at 4:00 pm ET in Grosse Point Farms, MI 
Grosse Ile Yacht Club
We stayed the night at Grosse Ile where the Detroit River meets Lake Erie
Crossing Lake Erie
We began our journey across Lake Erie, not knowing how the engine would perform.  It stalled over-heating two hours in and we hoisted the sails in 2-5kt breeze for hours letting the engine cool.  
Put-in-Bay Island
We stopped to re-fuel the boat and our stomachs. We rounded the island to the west and sailed between Catawba Island and Kelley's Island, finally rounding Marblehead and sailing the boat into the dock at night.
Cedar Point Marina
Having engine over-heating troubles again, we decided to dock at Cedar Point for the night, which became a week.
Sailing to Lorain
Scott and Stuart set sail at 7:30am and were headed to home port in Cleveland until the engine overheated (again) and no water flow. Becalmed for hours, the wind piped up to 18+ kts and we had to sail the boat into a dock in the Port of Lorain. Expertly handled a tough situation with a double-reef and smooth docking.
Home to Northeast Yacht Club
Fixed the engine water flow issues. See Captain's Log for details. We FINALLY got Escapade to her home to Northeast Yacht Club during a big sailing day with 14-21+ kts of breeze. Starboard tack the whole way with a 120 genoa. Despite all the engine troubles, so grateful the delivery was safe and one hell of a learning experience.

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