E.S. Curry
Stories Change the World
Stories have been passed down for centuries,
some thousands of years old. Stories can grant their authors immortality, shape minds, and remain remarkably compelling to the soul, countless years later

Once upon a time not long ago, in The Land called Cleveland, a man had a dream his destiny was a quest to change the world by telling stories.

The next day he supposed that dream was because he had read many books for many years. Great tales of adventure and the heart. Many of the stories he read had been passed down for centuries, some thousands of years old, and were yet still remarkably compelling to the soul.

He knew that people loved hearing a good story—that stories were innate to our humanity.

He started sharing his stories and discovered that most people did not have time to read lots of words or books—so he took pictures and films with a camera, designed images using color to evoke emotions, made simple icons that represented the essence of big concepts, wrote music that opened the human heart, and started creating new ways to tell stories with new tools.

People loved these new stories.

They liked how they made them feel, even though they lived in a world behind a screen—the world of digital.

Business men and women took notice and asked him, "Could these stories make us more money?"

The man thought they could. He went about helping businesses tell good stories, and the businesses indeed made more money. The man thought he could make money, too, and began a business himself.

The man found that other people wanted to join him on his quest to change the world, and they did. At the same time he discovered that not all people and businesses shared the man’s altruistic nature and were driven by greed.

Years went by and many great stories were told.

However, these stories of the digital realm lived in the ephemera of one's and zero's and were lost for all time. The man saw young people not wanting to write stories that lived forever, but instead had developed a passion for stories that are purposefully gone in minutes or days. Why?

"Those who tell the stories

rule the world"
Native American Proverb

Half way through his life, the man realized his quest was flawed and his efforts to change the world were being lost to the sea of information. He wondered if he had spent his life writing books, painting canvases, notating symphonic scores would have made more of an impact on people lives. He wanted to write stories like those passed on by spoken word for generations, carved in stone, or written and distributed in the physical world. He loved how books have a way of finding their owners.

The man had another dream one dark blustery cold winter’s night. A deity within a mist spoke to him and said the quest he had set forth on would never be achieved. It was not an unattainable quest, no, it was evergreen. The spirit said the digital medium was inherently flawed but could help him reach people. His stories would not be timeless because time was an invention of humanity, and our existence was but a blip within the cosmos. He pleaded with the deity for it to not be so, but came to understand that the spirit transcends the human ethos and time itself—it had value in the universe.

After this dream the man's sense of hope restored itself and he began to work on stories to help more people, the environment, and create more positive change. He continued to work with excellence, creativity, and integrity at heart.

He decided that he would only work with people and businesses that also wanted to genuinely make the world a better place for the human spirit. He again found comfort and happiness in his quest.


We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle
You can shine new, bright light with your words—to create the spark to change lives.

His stories continued to change the world by influencing people's hearts and minds to do good things, support good people, help businesses believe in the power of giving back for good.

He understood that every small act of kindness does add up—it matters. Even tiny things as simple as smiling at complete strangers made a difference in a person's spirit. He knew perpetuating love throughout humankind and our earth was a noble endeavor—not a hopeless one.

His enthusiasm and kindness spread and continues to grow each and every day as he continues his evergreen quest.

Join him.

You can write amazing stories with him—creating things that connect, touch, and benefit our humanity.

You can shine new, bright light with your words—to create the spark to change lives. Humanity is the amalgamation of all our individual stories, an endless compendium of tales that illuminates our collective spirit and lives can change for the better from stories—if you choose the propitious path of positive.

We all have a dark and light within us, the side that wins is the one you choose to feed.

Stories can indeed change the world.

Start writing.